About Us

Hotel Concept

Macalister Terraces touts an exquisite blend of artistry and modernity. Here, art is celebrated in every nook and cranny. With the charm and beauty of Penang being immortalised in famous artworks, guests are offered a unique sampling of Penang through the eyes of Penang natives. 

Setting the stage for this oasis of luxury are four British colonial style double-storey shophouses, strategically located within walking distance to the historic UNESCO World Heritage Site of George Town. 

Unwind in Unrivaled Luxury

Architectural Concept

The boutique hotel incorporates elements of post-modern and neo-classical styles that blend naturally with the straits-eclectic architectural language of the context. Each of our 20 rooms is, like our guests, unique, inviting them to explore the rich cultural heritage for which Penang is known.

Ventilation and glass blocks are located throughout the refurbished building, specifically the central airwell as well as the rear facade, which harkens back to the days where they were used as a means of allowing both light and air to penetrate into the building. The glass blocks located along the rear facade also serve to allow daylight into the toilets located behind them and give the space an ethereal quality.

Within the refurbished building are multiple light-wells, with one in the centre of the building that opens up to the sky. This allows ample light to enter the building and makes for an inviting space where guests can socialise and mingle with like-minded guests